Cherrylane Menu

Welcome to Cherrylane -

a unique ambience and a tranquil eating experience.

As George Bernard Shaw said:

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food “

- words we live by.

All our food is freshly prepared to ensure quality and

freshness and as you will appreciate,

this takes a bit of time, so we invite you to relax

and enjoy the environment and the company -

Conversation is food for the Soul.

We are just as passionate about Special Occasions -

we have a Celebrations Venue

ideal for Weddings, Bridal and Baby showers,

Birthdays and Corporate Events.

A selection of menus are available but we are more than

happy to personalise the menu to compliment your taste.


Cherrylane will co-ordinate your event from

conception to completion.

Cherrylane is a family business

and our aim is to ensure a memorable experience.

We want you to become part of the Cherrylane family

and to bring your friends and family too.

We hope you enjoy your time with us!!!!


Good Start Breakfast (V) R 53

Freshly prepared seasonal fruit, served with yoghurt, roasted muesli & a breakfast muffin with preserves

Good Day R 27

One egg to order, bacon, grilled tomato & toast

Classic Breakfast R 35

One egg to order, bacon, grilled tomato, breakfast sausage & toast

Mon-Cheri Breakfast R 55

Two eggs to order, grilled tomato, bacon, breakfast sausage, french fries & toast

Cherrylane Breakfast R 65

Scrambled eggs, baked beans, potato rostis, grilled mushrooms, breakfast sausage, grilled tomato & toast

Willow Delight R 76

Two eggs to order, bacon, savoury mince, potato rostis, breakfast sausage, grilled tomato & toast

Executive Breakfast R 86

Two eggs to order, bacon, 100g steak, potato rostis, breakfast sausage, grilled tomato, french fries & toast

Rosti Breakfast (V) R 55

A golden brown rosti topped with 2 poached eggs drizzled with a cheese sauce

Eggs Benedict Rosti (V) R 60

A golden brown rosti topped with 2 poached eggs creamed spinach and drizzled with a cheese sauce

Breakfast complimented with choice of white, brown or wholewheat toast

Rye available for your enjoyment add R 3.00 - Gluten Free add R6.00


Cheese Grillers R18

3 Rashers Bacon R22

Grilled Mushrooms R20

Chips R15

100g Rump Steak R25

Beef Patty R22

Halloumi R25



French Toast Deluxe R 48

Traditional french toast served with bacon, grilled tomato & golden syrup

Ramble Scramble R 48

Two slices of toast, topped with scrambled eggs & savoury mince

Salmon Scramble R 65

Two slices of toast, topped with scrambled eggs & smoked salmon, cream cheese & chives

Savoury Mince on Toast R 54

Two slices of toast, topped with savoury mince & grilled cheddar cheese

Cherrylane Cheezies (V)

A secret cherrylane cheese topping, melted on rye bread, served with a crisp garden salad or french fries

Choice of toppings: bacon / ham / tomato / spring onion / tuna

- 1 topping R 43

- 2 toppings R 50

- 3 toppings R 56


Omelettes (V)

A three egg omelette filled with cheddar cheese served with french fries & toast

- 1 Filling R 50

- 2 Fillings R 58

- 3 Fillings R 65

- 4 Fillings R 73

Fillings: tomato / mushroom / mozzarella cheese / feta cheese / chilli /

bacon / ham / savoury mince / creamed spinach / garlic / green peppers

(NOTE: V = No Meat, Fish or Chicken - however some dishes may contain

dairy products or eggs)

- Plain R 40

Croissant (V) R 32

Freshly baked served with butter, cheddar cheese & preserves

Breakfast Croissant R 65

Freshly baked croissant with scrambled egg, bits of bacon & mushrooms, grilled with mozzarella cheese, served with a garden salad or french fries

Country Croissant R 60

Freshly baked & lightly toasted croissant topped with country style savoury mince & grilled cheddar cheese

Gourmet Croissant R 80

Freshly baked & lightly toasted croissant, filled with herbed cream cheese & smoked salmon served with a side salad or french fries



Sweet Pancakes

A traditional old style favourite recipe. Two pancakes served with one of the following toppings:

Cinnamon & sugar, served with maple syrup & lemon R 30

Slices of freshly cut banana, nuts, & cream or ice cream R 45

Chocolate sauce, cream or ice cream R 48


Savoury Pancakes

Served with a crisp garden salad:

Cheesy cheddar, tomato & spring onion R 48

Creamed spinach & feta R 52

Savoury mince & cheddar cheese R 54

Chicken mayonnaise, grilled mushrooms & mozzarella R 55


Scones R30

Freshly baked served with cheddar cheese, cream & preserves

Savoury Scones R 30

Served with cheddar cheese or cream cheese & preserves

Muffins R 30

Flavour of the day, served with cream, butter & preserves

Cake of the Day From R 38

A selection of freshly baked cake sensations



Toasted Sandwiches

Served with a side portion of french fries or a crisp garden salad.

A choice of white, brown, whole-wheat or (rye bread - add R3, gluten free add R6)

- Cheese (V) R 29

- Cheese & tomato (V) R 36

- Ham, cheese & tomato R 43

- Bacon & egg R 43

- Bacon & cheese R 43

- Bacon, egg & cheese R 48

- Tuna mayonnaise R 50

- Chicken mayonnaise R 50

- Savoury mince & cheddar cheese R 53


All our tramezzinis are made with a mozzarella base, served with french fries or a garden salad

- Chicken mayonnaise & gherkins R 65

- Bacon, egg & cheddar R 65

- Spinach, mushroom & feta (V) R 65

- Marinated beef strips & sautéed onions R 70



All Cherrylane salads are freshly prepared with a variety of lettuces, rocket and herbs

Greek Salad (V) R 65

Unique baked feta cheese and herbs on a bed of lettuce & baby tomatoes

Grilled Chicken Salad R 75

Grilled chicken strips, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, bits of bacon & drizzled with a tangy mustard dressing

Italian Salad R 70

Sliced tomatoes & mozarella garnished with basil pesto

Prawn & Sesame Seed Salad R 85

Sesame coated prawns, cucumber, tomatoes & rocket drizzled with a spicy lemon zest dressing

Salmon & Avo Special R 85

Smoked salmon, avocado (seasonal), cucumber, tomatoes topped with herbed cream cheese & dill

Roquefort Salad (V) R 68

Tomatoes & avo topped with crumbed blue cheese & drizzled with light tangy roquefort dressing

Cherrylane Salad (V) R 80

Tomatoes, cucumbers, nuts, sprouts, cottage cheese & seasonal fruit

French Table Salad R 120

Selection of lettuces, tomatoes, cucumber, peppers and onion (Serves 4)



Cherrylane Avocado Ritz (Seasonal) R 65

A unique take on a traditional favourite

Chicken Livers R 50

Chicken livers sautéed in herbs, peri-peri and slow cooked in a creamy red wine sauce

Grilled Halloumi Cheese - wrapped in bacon R 60

Halloumi wrapped in bacon and deep fried to enhance the unique smoky bacon & cheese flavoured combination

Snails with Roquefort Cheese R 55

Snails gently tossed in garlic butter & topped with Roquefort cheese and baked in the oven

Snails in Garlic R 50

Snails drenched in garlic butter

Squid & Calamari R 60

Calamari tubes tossed in garlic and herbs and lightly grilled

Stuffed Black Mushrooms R 55

Black mushrooms stuffed with a tomato and onion relish topped with feta and grilled

Pita Platter R 40

Pita bread with a selection of dips to enjoy - roasted garlic butter, Tzatziki & Taramasalata (seafood)

Baked Camembert R 75

Whole camembert wheel wrapped in phyllo pastry and baked in the oven served with a fruity coulis



Quiche R 52

Freshly baked crustless quiche served with french fries or a garden salad

(Ask your waitron for the speciality Quiche of the day)

Homemade Pies R 60

A selection of freshly baked pies, served with a crisp garden salad, french fries & gravy

Fish & Chips R 62

Hake fillet fried or grilled served with french fries or a garden salad & tartare sauce

Chicken Skewers R 65

Tender chicken breast skewers served on a bed of rice & peanut butter satay sauce

Prego Roll - Chicken or Beef R 65

Marinated to perfection, grilled & served on a Portuguese roll & french fries

Cherrylane Beef & Cheese Burger R 65

100% pure beef burger patty topped with cheddar cheese, onion & a creamy mayonnaise dressing

Gourmet Burger R 78

Double the size & flavour. 100% double beef patty cheese, egg, bacon & onion, served with french fries

French Fries Deluxe R 50

A plate of french fries, topped with bacon bits and smothered with cheese sauce

Chicken Schnitzel R 82

Tender chicken breast fillet crumbed served with french fries and a garden salad



All seafood dishes are accompanied with a choice of chips, mash, baked potato or a side salad or vegetables available @ a nominal charge of R20 per portion

Fish and Prawn Special R 85

Hake fillet fried or grilled & five prawns served with french fries or a garden salad & tartare sauce

Grilled Calamari R 95

Tender tubes, lightly grilled with garlic

Kingklip R 130

Grilled in lemon, garlic and olive oil to embrace all the natural.

Optional sauce to compliment - seafood sauce with prawns OR 3 cheeses sauce R 140

Seafood Extravaganza (1 person) R 170

Smoked Salmon starter

Grilled kingklip, squid heads, calamari, prawns & mussels

served with a selection of sauces, vegetables & starch of choice

Seafood Extravaganza (2 persons) R 300

Smoked Salmon starter

Grilled kingklip, squid heads, calamari, prawns & mussels served with a selection of sauces, vegetables & starch of choice



Ask you waitron about our Seasonal Dishes and

Special events - Wine Tasting and Gourmet Dinners

Cherrylane has the Perfect Setting for you

Special Occasions, Celebrations and Corporate Events.

Cherrylane will co-ordinate your Event

from conception to completion.


All cuts are matured to ensure a succulent steak, enhanced with its own unique flavour and served with a choice of french fries, rice, mash, baked potato, salad or vegetables of the day available @ a nominal charge of R20 per portion

Rump Steak

- 300g R 125

- 500g R 155


- 400g R 135


- 200g R 120

- 300g R 135


- 600g R 140

Marinated Pork Ribs

Ladies R 145

Super size R 160

Personalise your steak of choice add a sauce or rub

Sauce & side dish accompaniments R20

Favourite Traditional Sauces:

Monkey gland, Pepper, Cheese

Roasted garlic and red pepper sauce

Roasted marrow in red wine sauce

Chilli or brown sugar rub

Black pepper and salt rub

Grilled Mushrooms R20

Mash R15

Rice R15

Chips R15

Side Salad R20

Fried Onions R18

Onion Rings R25

Vegetables of the Day R20



Stuffed Peppers R 60

Peppers stuffed with herbed rice & seasonal vegetables

Roast Veg Parcels R 80

Selection of seasonal vegetables roasted with herbs & olive oil wrapped in phyllo pastry, topped with a honey mustard sauce


All seafood dishes are accompanied with a choice of chips, mash, baked potato or a side salad or vegetables available @ a nominal charge of R20 per portion

Butterfly Fillet Steak R 130

Succulent fillet butterflied stuffed with mushrooms & topped with a cheese sauce

Lamb Shank R 130

Slow cooked to enhance the flavour

Chicken Breast R 95

Baked chicken breast fillet stuffed with spinach & feta & served on herbed mash potato

DeLuxe Saucy Burger R 90

Double beef patty with your choice of sauce, onion rings or fries




3 Cheese Baked Lasagne R 80

Layers of pasta, cheese sauce, feta and mozzarella

Baked and grilled

Spaghetti Bolognaise R 70

An all time must have favourite - with all the traditional flavours

Pasta Alfredo R 75

Sautéed mushrooms and ham tossed in a creamy sauce

Pasta choices: Spaghetti or Penne




Soft drinks 300ml R 16

- Mineral water — still / sparkling R 14

- Cordials — passion fruit/ lime/ cola tonic including mixer R 18

- Appletizer/ grapetizer R 22

- Iced tea — selected flavours R 22


- small R 20

- large R 25


Chocolate, strawberry, lime, vanilla, bubblegum, banana

- small R 25

- large R 30

Horlicks milkshake R 28

Milo milkshake R 32

Coffee chino milkshake R 28



Filter coffee R 14

Decaf coffee R 16

Cappuccino - froth R 18

- cream R 20

Decaffeinated Cappuccino - froth R 20

- cream R 22

Decafe Latte R 22

Red cappuccino R 18

Espresso - single R 15

- double R 16

Café latte R 18

Hot chocolate R 22

White hot chocolate R 22

Horlicks R 22

Milo R 22

Rooibos tea R 15

Five roses tea R 15

Herbal & speciality tea’s R 20

Spiced chai tea R 20



Chocolate Mousse R 45

Chocolate taste sensation drizzled with amarula

Meringue Basket R 48

Filled with fresh fruit & topped with cream or ice-cream

Chocolate Volcano R 45

A chocolate sensation

Apple Crumble R 43

Served hot with cream or ice-cream

Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce R 38

A traditional old time favourite

Cheese Board & Port R65